-- 3G wide 100º angle mms gprs hunting camera Willfine 3.0C with sms remote control

Most cost effective trail camera Willfine 3.0-3G has fast-transmitting 3G wireless module and it's able to send high resolution pictures to email / FTP.

Wide 100º lens of this hunting camera provides a view close to human vision. With it you can observe much wider area comparing to regular 52º lens. It's most suitable for controlling open spaces.

For better night photos wide lens model has powerful Infra-Red flash with increased to 56 the number of LEDs.

Night shooting can be adjusted to get best images with 3 settings:
 •  minimal blur
 •  max range
 •  combined

Willfine 3.0-3G supports standard for modern trail cameras features:

  • SMS control
  • timer
  • timelapse
  • SD cycle
  • and others

More details can be found in Willfine 3.0C-3G User Manual.

Technical specification:

Image sensor
5 Mp
Still image

 • 12 Mp
 •   8 Mp
 •   5 Mp


 • 1920x1080: 15fps
 • 1280x720: 30 fps
 • 640x480: 30 fps


 • 52º FOV
 • 100º FOV

IR flash distance

 invisible (940nm): 20m

Trigger time
0.4 s
Sent picture

  • 640x480 pix via MMS
  • high resolution photo 1920 x 1440 px to email/FTP via GPRS

Power supply

2 x 4 pc of AA battery

External power supply

6 ~ 12V (2 ~ 1A)

Standby time

4 ~ 6 Months (4 ~ 8 batteries)

Operating temperature

-30º C ... +60º C

Picture Max resolution 12 Mpix
Video Max resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 @ 15 frames/s
Lens angle 52º or 100º
IR flash distance 20 m for invisible 940nm
PIR distance 20 m
Trigger time 0.4 s
SMS control Yes.
Sending picture VGA size via MMS or high resolution picture of 1920x1440 via GPRS/SMTP
Can send video No
SSL SMTP No. GPRS/SMTP feature can work only in mobile networks where 25 port is not blocked.
Power supply 2 x 4 pieces of AA batteries
Operating temperature -30º C ... +60º C

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