Ltl Hunting Camera Android Console Manual

Please migrate from old version   to new one .

Old version is no longer supported. New version you can download from Google Play.

Hunting Camera Console provides comfortable work with trail cameras of any kind.

For each of your trail cameras the Console creates a photo-gallery where it places photos and videos sent by the camera via MMS or Email.
You can swipe images, pinch-to-zoom, edit, share, filter by dates and copy favourite images to the Favorite gallery.
Console displays list of all SMS received from/ sent to your camera and provides user friendly interface for SMS remote control.

Start work with Console with adding your cameras to the app.
On main screen choose "Add camera" via Menu or by clicking in main screen centre:

Settings window will be open where you put parameters of your camera:

  • Choose Camera type. If your camera is not in the list, choose "Other".
  • Enter Camera SIM card phone number in international format: + (country code)number.
  • Enter Camera name or any information you want, e.g. "Camera in the forest". Optional parameter. Default value "Camera".
  • You can create a Shortcut on Home screen of your phone for faster launching.
  • Enable Get SMS if you want to receive SMS from the camera to the app.
  • Enable SMS notifications if you want the app to notify you of new SMS with pop-up window. This window lets you don't miss new SMS from your camera and launch the app directly from it.
  • Enable MMS photo if you want the app to add MMS from the camera to its photo-gallery.
  • Enable MMS notifications if you want the app to notify you of new MMS with pop-up window. This window lets you don't miss new MMS from your camera and launch the app directly from it.

If you enable Refresh MMS gallery the app will search for new MMS from the camera at photo-gallery opening for keeping the gallery up-to-date.

  • Enable Get Email photos if your camera sends photos to Email via SMTP/GPRS. When enabling it you set the next parameters:
  • Camera's sending email - email FROM where the camera sends images
  • Receiving Email -  email WHERE the camera sends images. It's the common  email for all of your cameras, so you should set all your cameras to send images to this email keeping unique email addresses FROM where camera sends images. Receiving Email should use IMAP protocol. If you are using Gmail (Google mail) you should activate IMAP protocol via Gmail settings. Besides that, for Gmail you should allow "less secure apps access".
  • Receiving Email password - password for the Receiving Email to let the app to connect to the Email.
  • Autodownload email - turns on/turns off automatic downloading of newly arrived Email message from the camera. Requires permanent access to Internet via WiFi or mobile data. Autodownloading pauses when the phone falls asleep if Battery Optimization is not disabled for the application. If you like to have round-the-clock Email autodownload you should disable Battery Optimization for this application. It will slightly increase battery discharge.
  • If you enable Refresh photo gallery the app will check for and download new Email messages from the camera at photo-gallery opening. Useful if you don't use Autodownload email feature.
  • Enable Email notifications if you want to be notified at newly Email messages arrival.

When parameters setting is completed press "Back" button of your smartphone. The app will start searching for MMS and Email photos, create an open photo-gallery:

You can change photo-gallery appearance: 1, 4 or 6 images per screen, swipe the gallery, filter images by dates, pinch-zoom them.
Long click on an image activates the image options menu:

With image options you can:

  • delete the image from the photo-gallery,
  • share it,
  • edit,
  • add to/delete from Favorite gallery

For Ltl Acorn-3G and Ltl Acorn-4G cameras you can easily request high-resolution photo or video, corresponding to this low-resolution image:

Last SMS is located above images. Click it to get drop-down list with all SMS:

It's convenient to operate the camera from its photo-gallery.
Long click "Get photo" button to send SMS request to the camera for photo taking. Long click is required to exclude SMS sending due to accidental touch of the button.

Click on "SMS control" button opens SMS control screen:

Example of Timer setting for Ltl Acorn-4G:

If your camera is NOT Ltl Acorn, Willfine, KeepGuard, Spromise and you have chosen "Other type" for your camera you should manually set SMS commands:

Enter desired name for the command, its value and text of SMS according to manual for the camera.
The app will save your input for further usage:


  • Application crashes. Can be caused by inconsistencies in app database. Clear application data via phone settings and re-create your cameras.
  • App downloads from email several copies of the same image. Restart your phone.
  • Email auto-downloading doesn't work. Happens after re-installation of the app. Go to Edit screen of any camera then disable-enable Autodownload. Or restart your phone.
  • App can not connect to email. Check access to Internet and email access blocking by provider.