-- New Ltl Acorn 6310MG-3G wide 100º lens hunting camera with sending full size pictures and HD videos to email and SMS remote control

Ltl Acorn® 6310-3G is the first Ltl Acorn trail camera which provides highly anticipated feature of sending high-resolution pictures and videos to user. This feature has became available due to 3.5G wireless module which provides high speed connection to Internet via mobile network. Thus, a picture of 12 Mp can be transmitted in less than 1 minute and FullHD video of 10 sec length in less than 2 minutes.

Function of sending of full-size photos and videos eliminates the need to go to field for coping files from SD card till batteries alive.
Ltl6310-3G trail camera can send full-size photos and videos in 3 ways:
  • immediately after shooting
  • on user SMS request. When receiving usual low-resolution picture at camera trigger, the user can decide to request full-size photo or video with SMS command, if necessary.
  • once a day at specified time, when the trail camera sends all unsent full-size photos and videos at one time. This solution greatly reduces battery discharge.
As always, Ltl Acorn 6310-3G hunting camera supports all standard Ltl Acorn features:
  • SMS control
  • 2 timers
  • time lapse
  • SD cycle
  • and others

To match your needs, there is a choice between wide-angle 100º or standard 55º lenses, and invisible 940 nm or visible 850 nm IR flashes.

Ltl Acorn 6310-3G trail camera is able to work at extreme cold of -45ºC (-49ºF) degree.

Detailed description of new Ltl Acorn 6310-3G trail camera can be found in user manual: Ltl6310-3G User manual

Technical specification:

Image sensor
Still image

 • 12 Mp
 •   5 Mp
 •   2 Mp


 • 1440x1080: 15fps
 • 1280x720: 30 fps
 • 640x480: 30 fps


 • 52º FOV
 • 100º FOV

Infrared flash distance

 • visible (850 nm): •  35m for 52º lens
                                    •  30m for 100º lens

 • invisible (940nm): •  18m for 52º lens
                                       •  13m for 100º lens

PIR sensing  distance

  20m at 20º C for Normal sensitivity

 Trigger time

  0.8 s
Sending images

  • MMS 640x480px or high-resolution picture or video to email
  • SMS
  • Off

Power supply

 3 x 4 pc of AA battery

External power supply

  6 ~ 12V (2 ~ 1A)

 Standby time

  4 ~ 6 Months (4 ~ 12 batteries)


  -45º C ... +70º C

Picture Max resolution 12 Mpix
Video Max resolution Full HD 1440 x 1080 @ 15 frames/s
Lens angle 52º or 100º
IR flash distance VISIBLE 850 nm FLASH: 35m for 52º lens, 30m for 100º lens; INVISIBLE 940 nm FLASH: 18m for 52º lens, 13m for 100º lens
PIR distance 20m at 20º C for Normal sensitivity
Trigger time 0.8 s
SMS control Yes
Sending picture VGA size via MMS or GPRS/SMTP (BASIC model) or full size picture via GPRS/SMTP (PRO model)
Can send video Yes. Daily sending (BASIC and PRO model) or immediate sending (only PRO model)
SSL SMTP Yes. GPRS/SMTP can work at any mobile operators networks.
Power supply 3 x 4 pieces of AA battery
Operating temperature -30º C ... +70º C

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Ltl Acorn 6310-3G

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