-- Newest Ltl Acorn 6511-4G hunting camera

New 4G trail camera Ltl Acorn® 6511M-4G has unbeaten ultra-long standby time up to 3 years (!) thanks to the use of 6 pieces of high-capacity rechargeable 18650 lithium (Li-ion) batteries. Now trail camera works as long as TV remote control: you insert batteries and forget about them.

New patented dual PIR motion sensor reduces number of false and missed alarms.

Function of sending of full-size photos and videos allows you don't visit the trail camera at all, till batteries alive.
Full-size photos and videos can be sent in 3 ways:
  • immediately after shooting. 4G Ltl Acorn hunting camera sends 1.5 Mb picture within 1 minute, video of 9.2Mb size within 3 min.
  • on user SMS request. When usual low-resolution picture received by user, the user can request corresponding full-size photo or video with SMS command, if necessary. It's very convenient to use Ltl Hunting Camera Tool for this.
  • once a day at specified time, when the trail camera sends all unsent full-size photos and videos. This way of sending greatly saves battery.

External connectible control panel with display and buttons allows to reduce trail camera size and increase its reliability.

Wide range of working temperature -45ºC ... +70ºC lets to use camera in extremal environment.

To match your needs, there is a choice between wide-angle 100º / regular 55º lenses, and invisible 940 nm / visible 850 nm IR flashes.

Detailed description of new Ltl Acorn 6511M-4G trail camera can be found in Ltl 6511MG-4G User Manual

Technical specification:

Image sensor
Still image

 • 12 Mp
 •   5 Mp
 •   2 Mp


 • 1440x1080: 15fps
 • 1280x720: 30 fps
 • 640x480: 30 fps


 • 55º FOV
 • 100º FOV

Infrared flash distance

 • visible (850 nm): •  35m for 52º lens
                                   •  30m for 100º lens

 • invisible (940nm): •  18m for 52º lens
                                      •  13m for 100º lens

PIR sensing  distance

  20m at 20º C for Normal sensitivity

 Trigger time

  0.8 s
Sending images

  • MMS - low resolution pictures to phones, emails
  • Email - high or low resolution pictures or videos to emails
  • FTP - high or low resolution pictures or videos to FTP server
  • Off

Power supply

 3 x 2 pc of 18650 battery + 4 AA battery

External power supply

  6 ~ 12V (2 ~ 1A)

 Standby time

  3 years


  -45º C ... +70º C

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Ltl Acorn 6511M-4G

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