-- 4G LTE GPS hunting camera Balever 480LP with sending video records to email

4G trial camera Balever 480LP-4G-GPS has high-speed 4G LTE wireless module which one lets the camera to send not only full size pictures but ALSO VIDEO RECORDS on email.

This hunting camera has regular 90º-wide lens  with an option for 120º lens which covers widest area as possible among hunting cameras.

Powerful Infra-Red flash with 54 LEDs provides clear night photos.

This 4G LTE game camera is equipped with external 5dbi gain 4G antenna for better performance at weak coverage of 4G networks.

Camera prints its GPS coordinates in footer of each picture.

To better meet your requirements this game camera has 3 independent timers.

Hunting camera Balever supports SMTP SSL encryption that make possible to use SMTP sending method in any mobile operator network.

More details can be found in Balever 4G GPS camera User Manual

Technical specification:

Image sensor
5 Mp
Still image

 • 12 Mp
 •   8 Mp
 •   5 Mp


 • 1920x1080: 30fps
 • 1280x720: 30 fps
 • 640x480: 30 fps


 • 90º FOV
 • 120º FOV

IR flash distance

 invisible (940nm): 20m

PIR distance
20 m
Trigger time
0.6 s
Sending images

Picture Only mode
Video Only mode
Picture + Video mode
MMS mode
Camera sends VGA (or QVGA) images only
Nothing will be sent

Camera sends VGA (or QVGA) pictures only.

Camera sends original-size images only

VGA video records of 6s length maximum can be sent via GPRS/SMTP.

Larger-size or larger-length video records will not be sent

Camera sends original-size pictures only


VGA (or QVGA) via MMS + original-size picture via GPRS/SMTP

VGA video records of 6s length maximum can be sent via GPRS/SMTP.

Larger-size or larger-length video records will not be sent

VGA (or QVGA) via MMS  + original-size picture via GPRS/SMTP

Power supply

3 x 4 pc of AA battery

External power supply

6 ~ 12V (2 ~ 1A)

Standby time

4 ~ 8 Months (4 ~ 12 batteries)

Operating temperature

-30º C ... +60º C

Picture Max resolution 12 Mpix
Video Max resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 @ 30 frames/s
Lens angle 90º or 120º
IR flash distance 20 m for invisible 940 nm flash
PIR distance 20 m
Trigger time 0.6 s
SMS control No
Sending picture VGA size via MMS + full size via GPRS/SMTP
Can send video Yes. Only VGA video of 6 seconds max length in 4G network.
SSL SMTP Yes. GPRS SMTP can work in any mobile operators network.
Power supply 3 x 4 pieces of AA size batteries
Operating temperature -30º C ... +60º C

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Balever 480LP-4G-GPS

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