Willfine 2.6C trial cameras have technical parameters, set of functions and quality not conceding to other, much more expensive, hunting cameras. They provide excellent high resolution photos and full HD video.
Willfine cameras have powerful invisible IR flash with adjustable power.
They have unique function of logging of camera triggering to a file.
Willfine cameras is a perfect solution when the price matters.
More details can be found in User Manual
Technical specifications:
Image sensor
Still image

 • 12 Mp
 •   8 Mp
 •   5 Mp


 • 1920x1080: 15fps
 • 1280x720: 30 fps
 • 640x480: 30 fps
 • 320x160: 30 fps


 • 52º FOV

 Infrared flash  distance

  • invisible (940nm): 20m

PIR sensing  distance


 Trigger time

  0,8...1,2 s

 Power supply

2 x 4 pc of AA battery

 External power

 6 ~ 12V (2 ~ 1A)

 Standby time

4 ~ 6 Months (4 ~ 8 batteries)

 Operation  temperature

  -20º C ... +60º C

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