Android applications Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to the following Android application:

  • LtlHuntingTool
  • PhotoTrap

Information Collection and Use

The following applications:

  • LtlHuntingTool
  • PhotoTrap

DO NOT collect any information.

Required permissions:

  • Camera

             Used for taking photos and videos in PhotoTrap application.

  • Microphone

             Used for audio recording in PhotoTrap application.

  • SMS

            Used for notification of customer via SMS and receiving of controlling SMS

  • Full Internet access

            Used for sending email (PhotoTrap) and receiving of email messages (LtlHuntingTool)

  • Change Network connectivity

            Used for disconnecting from mobile and/or WiFi network for saving battery (PhotoTrap)

  • Prevent phone from sleeping

            Prevents a smartphone to fall asleep while performing critical tasks: photographing, sending email, etc

  • Control flashlight

            Enables flash for taking photos in dark (PhotoTrap)

  • View network state

            Used for checking network state for sending email messages(PhotoTrap)

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