Trial camera right choice

So, you are thinking to buy such a useful thing as a trail camera. Indeed trail camera is very useful and interesting thing.  It's another one "eye" which you can install where you need. Surely, you already felt the need for such an eye. But for everything to work exactly as you intended, you need to choose the right trail camera. There are a lot of game trail camera models of various manufacturers on the market, sellers praise their goods, assuring you that their trail camera is the best and exactly what you need. We offer you some tips to help you choose a trail hunting camera that best suits your goals.

Further we will consider 2 main sides of any trail camera: price and technical parameters.

Purchase budget is determined by 4 main factors:

  • Brand name.  Trail cameras of some brands are very expensive, e.g. Reconyx. For sure, you decide whether you want to overpay for brand name. Now there are cheap trail cameras on the market non conceding to much more expensive brand name cameras.  We recommend and sale middle-price field-proven hunting cameras of non expensive brands.
  • Availability of images sending via mobile network. Hunting cameras with this feature have cellular wireless module, thus they cost somewhere about 100$ higher. Thanks to this feature you quickly get photos or even videos from hunting camera at its triggering, so such the cameras are much more popular than hunting cameras without images sending, despite higher price.
  • Hunting camera quantity. To cover whole area of interest you may need more than one hunting camera which significantly increases budget. In such the case we recommend to use 100º wide-angle lens trail cameras which "see" an area as 2-3 trail cameras with standard 52º angle lens. Read our article about difference of wide-angle and standard angle trail cameras.
  • Place of purchase. You can buy trail cameras either from local seller in your country or from Chinese companies which deal directly with manufacturers.  In last case hunting cameras prices are much lower.

Today good quality trail cameras of non expensive brands from Chinese companies cost:

  • without images sending: 100-150$
  • with images sending: 150-300$

It's seen that for images sending trail cameras the price spread is impressive and can reach 2 times: 150$ vs 300$, so you can buy 2 trail cameras instead of one. Further we'll tell you when overpayment is necessary and when is not.

Let's consider important for choice technical parameters of 2 trail cameras:

                          Willfine-3.0-3G (~$150)                         Ltl Acorn 6310-3G (~$300)



Ltl Acorn 6310-3G

Brand, quality
Less known brand. Good quality                                                                       
Better known brand. Good quality                       
Good, without hung up and bugs


Lens angle
Wide-angle or standard angle lens
Photos quality
Video quality

HD720p - good

HD1080p - tolerable

HD720p - excellent

HD1080р - excellent

Hight photo quality
PIR sense distance
20 m
IR flash range
20 m
13 m for wide-angle lens model
IR flash adjustment

3 modes:

  • maximum distance
  • minimum blur
  • combination
Photos sending
Yes, low-resolution or middle resolution
Yes, low-resolution or maximum resolution
Videos sending
Yes, up to 50 Mb
Stability of photos sending
Standby time

Up to  6 mouths at 8 batteries

Standby current 0.173 mA

Up to  6 mouths at 12 batteries

Standby current 0.4 mA

SMS control

Supplement features

- timer

- time lapse

- daily report

Has all of the features
All of the features except daily report
Usability in field

Similarly, you can compare the characteristics of all other hunting cameras on our website by adding them to the comparison table using the button

Comments on the table:

  • Brand. No needs for comments. Ltl Acorn is a more popular brand, probably some fee for the brand is included in the price. There is a small advantage for LtlAcorn on that point.
  • Stability of work. It's a very important characteristic, which shows how a hunting camera can work for a long time without failures, without hang-ups. We sell only experience-proven stable hunting cameras.  Here these hunting cameras are equivalent.
  • Viewing angle, lens angle. Above we reported on some of the advantages of wide-angle trail cameras, for more details read our article. Most of our trail cameras have the option of selecting wide-angle or standard-angle models. These hunting cameras are equivalent on that point.
  • Photos quality. All our trail cameras, including these two, have approximately the same excellent quality of daytime photos, although the trail camera Willfine-3.0CG provides more color-rich images. Here these hunting cameras are equivalent.
  • Video quality. The trail camera Ltl Acorn-6310-3G provides excellent video quality. Here is the advantage of LtlAcorn. However, often video recording is not used at all in hunting cameras, in order to save batteries.
  • Night photos quality. In some usage cases it's the most important parameter, because some animals, as well as people to watch, are active at night. There is an opinion that standard-angle trail cameras have better hight photos quality than wide-angle ones, but it's in the past, read our article.  Here Willfine-3.0CG has an advantage over LtlAcorn, because it has more powerful IR flash (56 LEDs vs 44 LEDs in LtlAcorn), flash mode settings and provides more sharp hight photos than Ltl Acorn.
  •  Photos sending. Any cameras with image sending feature can send low resolution pictures  via MMS, modern hunting cameras with 3G cellular module send pictures of higher resolution to Email. On that point LtlAcorn has a slight advantage, because it can send 12 Megapixel images to Email against Willfine-3.0CG which sends pictures of 2.7 Megapixel.
  • Video sending. Excellent feature. You may do not visit hunting camera for coping the recorded files from SD card till batteries alive. For sure, here is the big advantage of the trail camera LtlAcorn-6310-3G. But, firstly, video recording is often is not used in order to save batteries, and secondly, the transmission of the video files over mobile network quickly discharges batteries. Thus, this function has a greatest advantage when the extra discharge of batteries is not a problem (e.g, the hunting camera is connected to a power source or it is possible to frequently change the batteries), or high-capacity batteries are used in the trail camera, like in newest Ltl Acorn 6511-3G trail camera.
  • Stability of photos sending via mobile network. Mostly depends on the mobile network signal strength. With a sufficient signal level, both trail cameras send stably. We offer only trail cameras that stably send images. According to this parameter, both these trail cameras are equivalent.
  • Duration of autonomous work, i.e. batteries life time. In many cases, it's a very important parameter. Batteries discharge speed mostly depends on the frequency of the hunting camera triggering, especially at night, when IR flash is activated, so the table indicates the time in standby mode, without triggering. Here trail camera Willfine-3.0CG wins, because it uses 8 batteries against 12 ones in LtlAcorn. On the other hand more powerful IR flash of Willfine-3.0CG will discharge the batteries faster.
  • SMS control. Very useful function. Both these trail cameras have SMS control, however with different operating principles. So Willfine-3.0CG accepts SMS commands either permanently (batteries are quickly discharged, this mode is recommended only if the trial camera is connected to an external power source) or when it's triggered by a motion sensor (there is no additional battery discharge). Ltl Acorn periodically connects to the mobile network and checks the control SMS once per 10 minutes, once per hour, ..... up to "once every 24 hours." So, Ltl Acorn discharge a little batteries when checks SMS. We will assume that for this parameter both these trail cameras are equivalent.
  • Supplement functions. Here the advantage of Willfine-3.0CG trail camera, because it has useful feature of daily report in the form of an SMS, in which the number of taken pictures and some other info is reported.
  • Usability in field. Willfine-3.0CG trail camera has an advantage here, because it's more convenient to take off it from a tree for servicing, as it has 2 parts and no need to unbelt rear part from the tree, while Ltl Acorn has display on rear side and you need to unbelt it and belt again each time when you need to correct settings.
  • Price. Here is great advantage of Wilfine-3.0CG trail camera.

So, Willfine-3.0CG trail camera has advantages over Ltl Acorn in 5 cases, Ltl Acorn 6310-3G trail camera has advantages over Willfine-3G.0CG in  4 cases, in other 5 cases both these cameras are equivalent. Next you need to define importance (weight) of each characteristics where the trail cameras differ. For example, in one case, the possibility of video sending by the Ltl Acorn 6310-3G outweighs the low price of Willfine-3.0CG and you will choose Ltl Acorn 6310-3G, in other case the price is decisive and you will choose Willfine-3.0CG.

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