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Turn your old Android smartphone to real hunting camera.

To get hunting camera almost for free you will need:

  1. Old Android smartphone with camera. Smartphones with Android version 4.x are most suitable, see below why. Download free version right now by clicking Download button.
  2. Any alarm sensor with normally open output. It means the sensor should close up its output at triggering. It can be any type of sensors: motion detector, door sensor, vibration sensor and others, depending on your situation. If sensor runs on battery, you will get wires-free handy alarm system.  You can order battery operated PIR motion sensor from us. Also you can connect smartphone to output of your Home GSM alarm system, to spotlight with motion detector, to a button for using as a video door-bell and so on. You connect external sensor to smartphone via standard 3.5mm headset socket or micro-USB charging port.

Android PhotoTrap can be used also without external detector as it can send photos/videos by requests from you via SMS, by auto-shooting via defined time interval (Time Lapse function) or using camera's motion detector (starting with version 2.0)

Examples of external detectors:

                                                                                  Motion sensors                                                                                                    


                                                                                Door sensor


                                                                            Smoke sensor


or whatever sensor you need.

You can connect Android trail camera to output of your home alarm system to have a photo or video-record at alarm triggering:


or connect Android trail camera to spotlight with motion detector:



Use the following diagram for connecting a sensor to your smartphone:



Draw your attention,
Some smartphones, like Samsung  Galaxy S3, may open Voice Search application instead of starting photo taking when a sensor, connected via headset socket, triggers. To solve the problem you should connect your sensor to charging port via appropriate cable or you can order suitable sensor for headset socket from us.

Like usual hunting camera, Android trail camera PhotoTrap sleeps when detector is idle. This solution greatly saves battery allowing to run long enough time. From this point of view, most suitable for PhotoTrap Android version of smartphone is 4.x, not newer. Smartphones with 4.x Android can stop its processors and disable radio-modules in idle mode. It allows PhotoTrap to work several weeks (!) without charging. Smartphones with Android of version 5.x and newer cannot programmatically disable its radio-modules, so PhotoTrap in such a case can run just several days without charging. But you can greatly increase duration of autonomous work by connecting standard external Power bank for cell phones or Ltl Acorn Sun solar panel for regular hunting cameras which is suitable for smartphone charging.

When external detector is triggered, it wakes up the phone which activates camera and takes photo or video. Trigger time (time between detector triggering and starting of video or taking photo) in general matches to this parameter of regular trail cameras, and greatly depends on hardware of the smartphone. For example, is about 0.6 sec for modern smartphones and 1,2-1.8 sec for outdated phones. You can check trigger time of your smartphone due to logging of all events in log-file and evaluate if your smartphone is suitable for using as a trail camera.

Important advantage of Android PhotoTrap over regular trail cameras is shorten triggering time in Video mode: e.g. for LtlAcorn it's unacceptable 2 seconds while for Android PhotoTrap it's about 0,6 seconds for modern smartphones (tested on Samsung Galaxy A3) and it's about 1,5 seconds for older smartphones. So, we recommend to use PhotoTrap mainly in Video mode due to obvious advantages of video record over a still photo.

After taking photo or video PhotoTrap sends SMS and/or Email with photo or video (or first frame of video). Email can be sent via 2G, 3G, 4G mobile network (depending what your smartphone supports) or WiFi.  Other advantage of PhotoTrap over regular hunting cameras is that it continues taking photos/videos when detector triggers during Email sending. After completion of email sending the smartphone falls to sleep again. 

Sending via WiFi is very suitable when PhotoTrap is being used inside or outside of your house within home WiFi spot range.

Besides external detector Android trail camera can be periodically triggered by a timer (auto-shooting, same as a Time Lapse function in regular trail cameras), and it can take photos/videos by SMS request from other phone.

Android PhotoTrap can be remotely operated via Ltl Hunting Camera Console

Smartphone's embedded flash can be enabled for night shots. Smartphones have usual white bright flash unlike infrared flashes in regular trail cameras, so, if using of white flash is not acceptable, hunting camera's flash extenders (boosters) with infrared invisible flash can be used:


Problem of lens angle choice (wide or standard) is absent for Android PhotoTrap - you can use detachable lenses with an angle you need in your case:


               Macro lens

               Wide-angle lens

               Fish-eye lens

For sure, Android trail camera can not always replace real trail camera, but it can be used in many cases, including joint work with real trail camera.


                                                                                                  PHOTOTRAP INSTRUCTION

While you don't have an external sensor yet you can play with Android PhotoTrap application using smartphone's headset:
plugging headset, as well as short pressing of the headset button, is equivalent to sensor triggering which starts photo or video taking.

Also you can activate periodic automatic shooting (Time Lapse function) , request photos/videos by SMS using Ltl Hunting Camera Console or enable camera's motion detection (starting with app version 2.0). Note that using camera's motion detection forces processor of the smartphone be awake all the time, that greatly reduces battery life time.

                                      Application main screen

Video mode:  Android PhotoTrap records video at detector triggering

Photo mode:  Android PhotoTrap takes photo at detector triggering

Settings mode:  in this mode you can configure PhotoTrap via menu

Recorded files: open a directory with saved photos and videos

                        Menu screen

Photo resolution: choice of low, middle or maximum resolution provided by camera of smartphone

Delay: delay before taking photo, in frames. Can be necessary for some smartphones for setting exposition. Usually delay =0. If taken photos are dark, try delay >0

Auto-flash: enables flash of smartphone at taking photo in dark conditions. May not work at some smartphones

Send preview: each time before taking main photo smartphone opens a preview which can be send to user via Email as a thumbnail

Send Picture: enables sending main photo via Email

Video resolution: choice of low, middle or maximum resolution provided by camera of smartphone

Auto-flash: enables flash of smartphone during video record in dark conditions. May not work at some smartphones

Video mode: choice of recording video of defined length of recording video while detector triggers (not longer 1 min)

Video length: set video length

Send video: choice of sending whole video clip or just first frame of video for battery and mobile traffic saving

Time Lapse: set time interval of periodic shooting

Send SMS: enable SMS sending at PhotoTrap triggering and set phone number

Send Email: enable images sending via Email and set Email parameters

Connection to WiFi network, choice of:
  • At triggering. Used when a WiFi network is available. Images are being sent via WiFi. It's faster and cheaper comparing sending via mobile network.
  • Off. When WiFi network is not available.

Connection to mobile network, choice of:
  • Always on. Maximum battery consumption. Fast SMS controlling. Ability to send images via mobile network.
  • Connection at triggering. Optimal mode. Requires Android of versions 4.x. Ability to send images via mobile network. Receiving of control SMS only at PhotoTrap triggering.
  • Off. Minimum battery consumption. Inability to send images via mobile network, while sending of images via WiFi still is available.

For sending images via mobile network from Android 5.x and newer smartphones, enable "Mobile data" via smartphone settings. Not necessary for Android 4.x.

When sending images via WiFi network it's not necessary to enable WiFi via smartphone settings, it's being switched on/off automatically.

After parameters' setting start PhotoTrap in Photo mode or Video mode.

For operating PhotoTrap remotely via SMS use Ltl Hunting Camera Console

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For your comfort it's recommended to open this page on the mobile phone where you want to install Android PhotoTrap, click the Download button and install the downloaded application.

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